Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Is this all there is to life? Surely there must be more? Is this my only life? Am I being paid back Karmically for bad deeds done in a previous one, or is this a step up because I was actually good?

A whole universe exists out there - a dynamic, chaotic, vast universe and all I get to do is sit in a squat bottle gathering dust while being ignored by the blogger.


Binty said...

Hello Mr Bamboo, I must say you are incredibly punctual - posting at 9am every Tuesday. Wish I could be as disciplined in my blogging.

Anyway, I just thought I'd beter write to you with a heads up - you see I thought I would do a bit of matchmaking between you and some of the pets and plants of bloggers. Semed like a nice thing to do. One of them seemed very excited and rushed off to find out where you live so he could visit, which I thought was perhaps a little overkeen. Unfortunately I hadn't realised that this bloggers pet is actually a Panda who may have ulterior motives for his friendship.

I am terribly sorry to have put you in this position - perhaps a vacation might be in order for the time being...

Stick of Bamboo said...

Thank you for the warning, Binty. Unfortunately being stuck in a bottle precludes me from running very fast.

9am blogging on a Tuesday is a good time as the bloggeris out getting his weekly beard manicure.

Raphael Vasconcellos said...

Excuse me,

this really does not look like a real bamboo, but the plant called Lucky bamboo (a dracaena).

Stick of Bamboo said...

I can't say I feel that lucky, Raphael